Get involved with the review of health and care investment to the VCSE sectors

Sian Lockwood, Community Catalysts (originally posted February 2015)

This is a joint review involving the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England and organisations representing parts of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors. Community Catalysts has been asked to take a lead on the part of this review that focuses on the contribution that the VCSE sector makes to  health and wellbeing in the UK. Continue reading

Social prescribing

Nehal Depani, NCVO (originally posted February 2015)

What does the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector’s contribution to health and wellbeing look like? Of course, there are tens of thousands of voluntary organisations doing great work directly linked to health and social care – from helping with activities in care homes to carrying out medical research. But an individual’s wider lifestyle and their personal circumstances also have a huge impact on their health and wellbeing. So it’s important not to forget about the contribution made by those voluntary organisations working in other areas – be it housing, advice, arts and culture or something else.
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The voluntary sector in Accident & Emergency

Kate Brittain, ACEVO (originally posted February 2015)

In recent months, few newspapers have gone to press without at least one headline mentioning the ‘winter crisis.’ As the political debate over health and care rumbles on, accident and emergency departments have been centre stage – overworked doctors, patients on trolleys in corridors for days, and queues of ambulances lined up outside hospitals across the country. Continue reading

Initial thoughts at the launch of the review

Alex Fox, Shared Lives Plus (originally posted January 2015)

Having been asked to chair this review of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, I’ve been thinking more than normal about what kind of VCSE sector we want and what kinds of relationships national and local health and care bodies should have with it. For me personally (and in this blog you’re going to find the personal views of advisory group members, not any ‘official’ lines), the real question here is what kind of health and care system do we want in this country? Continue reading

Inclusion and equality theme discussion paper

Jabeer Butt, Race Equality Foundation and Bev Taylor, Regional Voices (originally posted February 2015)

As part of the review, Race Equality Foundation and Regional Voices have published an overview of the role of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) in promoting equality and addressing inequalities in health and social care in order to provide a context for the questions that will be explored by this theme of the VCSE review.

Inclusion and equalities discussion paper  with references