Case Study: Whole Body Therapy

Angela Catley, Community Catalysts CIC (originally posted February 2015)

This is one of a series of case studies provided by Community Catalysts on the role that small, local community organisations and enterprises can play in the health and wellbeing of their local communities. Read more about how such organisations make a difference and explore the case studies for Food Positive and Funky, Fitness and Fun.

Whole Body Therapy

Whole Body Therapy is a social enterprise founded and run by Sarah Allman, a therapist in Barking and Dagenham, with experience of working with people with dementia and older people in residential, nursing and extra care housing. Through her own personal experience, Sarah has discovered the benefits of massage, balance and strength retraining and knows first-hand how a small amount of targeted physical intervention and advice can make a significant difference to someone’s health and wellbeing. Sarah says:

“The care homes that offer more holistic services for their residents in the UK are increasing. The service I offer is a mixture of holistic (relaxation) and deep tissue work which aims at keeping the people who need it most mobile and stable for longer. The service also aims to reduce the incidence of falls in the elderly and aiding their rehabilitation after injury. For personal budget holders who are in their own home I offer a service that will work with them to improve their well-being, enhance their quality of life and help maintain their independence/mobility for as long as possible.”

Support Planners and Social Workers are very positive about the service that Sarah provides, and welcomed the opportunity to meet with her face to face and find about the service and how she can support people with a personal budget.

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