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The VCSE Review Oversight Group is inviting responses to the following questions in relation to the 2018 Action Plan until 29 June 2018:


  1. Where should the VCSE sector and other partners focus their efforts to make the changes described in the action plan happen?
  1. What examples do you have of VCSE organisations and their statutory partners demonstrating:
  • that they have helped people and communities to achieve wellbeing and build resilience?
  • that they enable local people, including overlooked or minority groups, to co-design and coproduce health and care services?
  1. What examples do you have of commissioners taking sustainable and cost-effective approaches to investing in and rewarding organisations which create wellbeing and resilience?

Please submit your responses through this survey or to publicservices@ncvo.org.uk by 5pm on 29 June 2018.